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How Glaucoma Is Treated

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a very serious condition of the eye. Glaucoma occurs when your optic nerve is damaged due to an increased pressure in the eye. There is no cure for glaucoma, however, there are treatment methods available that can slow the progression of the disease. The treatment option that our optometrists at Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry in Las Vegas would choose depends on the type of glaucoma that you have, and the severity of your condition.

Types of Glaucoma

The most common type of glaucoma is called open-angle glaucoma. This type occurs when the eye’s drainage system isn't working properly, similar to the way that a slow drain works. When the fluid cannot drain properly, the pressure in the eyes increases.

The second type is angle-closure glaucoma. This type of glaucoma occurs when the eye's drainage system becomes completely clogged, causing the eye pressure to increase rapidly.

Common Treatments for Glaucoma

Our optometrists can prescribe eye drops that are designed to reduce the pressure in the eyes. They are also used in conjunction with other treatment methods for both types of glaucoma. If the drops are not effective, there are oral medications that provide the same results. As the condition progresses, our optometrists may recommend more invasive treatment options.

Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT): This is a laser treatment that opens up the meshwork of the eye, allowing the fluid to drain properly and decrease the pressure in the eye. The procedure will likely need to be repeated over time, and it can be done two to three times.

Laser Peripheral Iridotomy (LPI): This type of treatment can treat angle-closure glaucoma. A laser is used to create an opening in the iris, allowing fluid to drain into the eye's anterior chamber. When the fluid is rerouted, it will drain properly, keeping the pressure in the eye down.

Trabeculectomy: This is a traditional surgical procedure. An eye doctor would create a tiny hole in the white of your eye, which would allow the fluid to drain correctly.

Because glaucoma shows no early symptoms, it is essential that you schedule annual appointments with Kopolow & Girigsen Doctors of Optometry in Las Vegas. When the condition is caught early, we can begin treatment immediately to prevent permanent loss of vision from occurring. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (702) 275-5229.