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See Your Optometrist Regularly to Prevent Diabetic Eye Disease

What is Diabetic Eye Disease? 

At Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry in Las Vegas, we ask our patients who have diabetes to come in for a dilated eye exam at least once a year and in some cases more often than that. If you have diabetes, and particularly if you have had diabetes for ten years or more, seeing your optometrist regularly is a must. We can help you get the timely treatment you need.

See your optometrist if you have these symptoms.

Diabetic eye disease usually presents only subtle symptoms before a sudden loss of sight. Signs you need to see your Doctor of Optometry right away include:

  • Floaters that occur more frequently, that obscure a large part of your field of vision, or that don't go away. Sometimes floaters are blood clots from diabetes-affected blood vessels that burst. They may look like raindrops, or more like black spider webs. It's possible to have so many floaters that you have the impression of a curtain falling down from the top of your field of vision. This kind of visual disturbance is a sign to come in to see the optometrist right away.
  • Haloes around objects at night. There are many eye conditions that can cause you to see rings or haloes around bright objects against a dark background, but if you have diabetes, come in to get checked for glaucoma.
  • The combination of diabetes and years of exposure to sunlight without UV protection increases the risk of cataracts. When you start to have the sensation of looking through clear plastic wrap, come in for a checkup.
  • Blurry vision in just one eye: Sometimes diabetes causes swelling behind the retina. The result is blurry, distorted vision, usually in just one eye. Macular edema calls for prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Make an appointment for your checkup at Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry in Las Vegas today.

Diabetic retinopathy, macular edema, and diabetes-related cataracts are insidious diseases. They can few symptoms or no symptoms at all for years until suddenly you are at a real risk of immediate loss of sight. Don't let this happen to you. Book your appointment today. Don't wait for diabetes to steal your sight.