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Signs of Cataracts

Signs of Cataracts

You use your eyes extensively every day of your life, making it imperative to take good care of your eye health and vision. As you age, you may start to experience cloudy vision, double vision, or other problems with your sight. These could be early warning signs of cataracts. At the first sign of vision problems, contact Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry in Las Vegas for an eye checkup. The following signs could be an indication of cataracts.

Cloudy Vision

In the early stages, cataracts may have no effect on your sight. As cataracts progress, you may experience cloudy or hazy vision. The cloudiness will only get worse over time, casting a shadow over your sight.

Loss of Night Vision

As cataracts advance, they become darker, giving off a yellowish or brownish tinge that makes it difficult to see at night. Advanced cataracts could force you to stop driving after dark.

Sensitivity to Light

Sensitivity to light is yet another sign of cataracts. You may find the glare from approaching headlights difficult to bear when driving at night.


Cataracts cloud the lens of your eye, diffracting light as it enters your eye. As a result, you may start to see halos or rings around light. Sometimes these halos appear in different colors. The appearance of halos around lights could make it hard for you to see when driving at night.

Need to Replace Eyewear Often

When you have cataracts, you may find that you are changing eyeglasses more often due to needing a stronger prescription from your optometrist to see clearly. Upgrading reading glasses from your local pharmacy won’t correct vision problems caused by cataracts. If your vision changes frequently, see your optometrist for an eye exam to confirm a diagnosis for cataracts.

Contact Our Las Vegas Optometrist for Cataracts Diagnosis and Treatment

To schedule an eye exam with our optometrist for diagnosis of cataracts or other eye conditions, contact Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry in Las Vegas. For our LensCrafters locations, call 702-323-5404. For our PearleVision locations, call 702-529-3145.