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What is a Vision Screening?

Eye Exam v. Vision Screening

A vision screening is a short eye exam designed to detect problems with your vision. Although vision screenings do not diagnose vision issues, they can indicate you need to visit an optometrist who can give you a comprehensive eye exam to accurately diagnose your vision problem. Performed by a variety of healthcare professionals such as school nurses and pediatricians, vision screenings mostly focus on your ability to see letters on the Snellen chart at a distance.

eye exam vs. vision screening from your las vegas eye doctor

In the U.S., Snellen charts are placed 20 feet away from patients. If you have normal (20/20) vision, you can read letters on Snellen charts 20 feet away from you. If you can read the large "E" at the top of the chart but none of the other letters below the "E", this means you have 20/200 vision, or very poor visual acuity and should be wearing corrective lenses prescribed by your eye doctor near Las Vegas.

What to Expect from an Eye Exam

In contrast to a vision screening, an eye exam involves not only testing your ability to recognize letters on a Snellen chart but also includes evaluating eye muscles, depth perception and checking for color blindness. A retinoscopy and slit lamp exam allows your optometrist to peer inside your eye to determine if the retina, cornea and optic nerve are in good condition. If you are over 40, your eyes will be tested for glaucoma, a serious eye disease caused by increased pressure in the eye and possibly macular degeneration, another eye disease related to aging.

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