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Fall Sports Eye Exam

Prepare Kids for Sports with an Eye Exam & Sports Eye Wear

As the final days of summer approach you are most likely scheduling doctors’ appointments, shopping for supplies and getting ready for back to school. Now is the time to schedule your children for back to school eye exams and sports related eye exams as well! Not only is vision care important for everyday learning, but essential for engaging in sports in the safest way possible. We aim to improve eye-hand coordination as well as help protect your child's eyes during sports activities.

Sports Eye Exam With Koplow and Girisgen Doctors Of Optometry In Las Vegas 

At your child's sports eye exam we evaluate three essential areas of visual function: visual pathway integrity, efficiency for focusing and controlling eye movement and visual information processing. This is especially important to learning and active sports recreation. Your child could be experiencing a congenital eye issue or suffering from an undiagnosed issue that may interfere with their motor coordination or create visual "blind spots" that could catch them off-guard while engaging in sports. 

What To Expect At Your Child's Pediatric Sports Eye Exam

You may be thinking, "My child already wears prescription glasses; that should be enough protection."  Since prescription glasses because can easily move they could actually become more of a hazard than a protecting force out on the field. With over 600,000 eye injuries a year related to sports, our caring team suggests that children wear some type of protective eye gear during sports. While we suggest that children under 13 years old wear impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, at your visit, please ask us about what protective eye gear will be most ideal for your child. 

Are you ready to maximize your child's eye health before they engage in sports activities? Please call us now at 702.341.7254 or 702.452.2020 to schedule your child's back to school sports eye exam now as the last days of summer approach. When you call, ask us about scheduling the entire family's eye exams to help save you time during the back to school rush!