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August: National Children's Vision Month

Back to School Checklist: Eye Exam

It is almost time to start the new school year, and as you check things off from your back-to-school checklist, do not forget to schedule your child's yearly eye exam. Our optometrists at Drs. Kopolow and Girisgen, can detect and correct vision trouble in your child before it starts negatively impacting their success in school and sports.

August: National Children's Vision Month

August is National Children's Vision Month. Children may not realize they are having difficulty seeing. Therefore, they are less prone to telling their parents that they need glasses or an eye exam. Parents can remain vigilant by watching for signs of vision trouble, including frequent eye rubbing, complaints of headaches, ADD like symptoms and an aversion to reading.

In addition to having 20/20, vision, children need certain visual skills in order to comprehend what they are reading. Their eyes need to be able to focus quickly between distant and close objects. Both eyes should work together when tracking an object or reading words across a page. Children need to have good hand-eye coordination for writing and playing sports, and they need to be able to comprehend what they are seeing. If your child is having trouble in one of these areas, it could affect their ability to learn, resulting in low grades.

Pediatric Eye Exams with our Las Vegas Eye Doctors

To schedule a Pediatric Eye Exam with Dr's. Koplow and Girisgen, call our Las Vegas optometrists' office at 702-341-7254 or Click Here to visit our website. Having your child's vision tested every year in August can help detect vision trouble before it negatively impacts your child's ability to learn. Our eye doctors can accurately diagnose and treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, myopia, eye tracking and teaming and visual acuity.

If we detect a vision problem in your child, we will immediately explain the findings and provide treatment options. Most vision problems in children can be easily corrected with a pair of glasses. However, some vision issues may require patching or eye exercises.

Have you noticed any signs of vision trouble in your child this summer?