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Computer Vision Syndrome

Our Las Vegas Eye Doctor Explains Computer Vision Syndrome

In a world where computer monitors are everywhere, it's no wonder that up to 90 percent of all computer users suffer from a condition called computer vision syndrome, or CVS. This problem can leave you with chronic eye strain, headaches, and dry, red, irritated eyes. If you're tired of struggling to see your screen without dealing with accompanying discomfort, then you need to pay a visit to your skilled Las Vegas eye doctor here at Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry.

When you spend long hours staring at a computer monitor, tablet screen of other digital device, your eyes are forced to meet some unusual and unreasonable conditions. For one thing, they must focus on small text at a fixed distance, usually about 2 feet away in what we call the intermediate viewing zone. Long periods of fixed focus can easily cause muscle strain and eye fatigue, which not only makes your eyes feel tired but also reduces your ability to keep seeing clearly at that distance. Tension headaches are another common complication.

Focus issues aren't the only contributing factor in CVS. For instance, when you concentrate on a computer screen your eyes may only blink about 25 percent as frequently as they normally would. This allows the eyes to dry out, since tear production is prompted by the act of blinking. Results may include redness, pain, and increased risk of eye infection or corneal damage. Last but not least, the unremitting glare from a digital monitor can irritate your eyes.

Think You Might Have Computer Visions Syndrome?

Fortunately, you don't have to suffer eye discomfort and other problems simply because you use digital devices not when you have a Las Vegas optometrist from Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry on your side. One of the first things we'll do is determine whether your eye strain is actually due to some other issues such as faulty eye teaming or an out-of-date corrective lens prescription. If you're currently using trifocals or progressive lenses, their intermediate vision field might be too small for your needs, in which case we can create single-vision computer glasses optimized for your screen distance.

We're also happy to address the dry eyes that accompany CVS. Once our Las Vegas optometrist confirms that there's nothing actually wrong with your tear glands, we may recommend a variety of solutions, from artificial tears or medicated eye drops to implementing regular breaks for blinking, refocusing and re-moisturizing your eyes. Since glare is such as common problem for CVS sufferers, we also offer specialized lens coatings to cut the glare level. Yellow-tinted lenses are especially popular for their ability to reduce blue light, a prime cause of glare.

If you're experiencing the telltale signs of CVS, Schedule a Las Vegas Eye Exam at any of our clinics. Your Las Vegas optometrist can help you conquer computer vision syndrome!