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Low Vision

Low Vision Treatment from our Las Vegas Optometrist

If you have been having difficulty with your sight, you may be suffering from a Low Vision problem. Visiting Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry in Las Vegas is important to receive proper treatment if any type of vision loss is sustained. Here is some information about low vision and how going to an optometry facility for eye care is beneficial for the health of your eyes.


What Is Low Vision?

Low Vision is when your sight is affected but total blindness does not occur. It also cannot be treated with contact lenses, glasses, or surgery. Low vision could be in the form of blurriness, haziness, spots in front of the eyes, loss of central vision, or loss of peripheral vision. Night blindness is also deemed as a low vision problem. While low vision cannot be remedied completely, there are options available to help keep it from becoming worse. If this is not possible, our optometrist will discuss other options you have available to make it easier for you to complete tasks with your limited vision.

Why Is Low Vision Important?

Low vision is important because while you will not lose your eyesight in its entirety, the treatments available are limited. Knowing what type of low vision you are suffering from is the first step to finding an appropriate way to cope with the condition. You may need to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate for the loss of vision so you and those you come into contact with are not at risk for an injury. A trip to `our optometry facility is best to assess the magnitude of your vision loss. Our optometrist will discuss your options and make recommendations regarding the best treatment plan for your personal situation.

How Can You Keep Your Eyes Healthy?

Seeing our optometrist regularly will help to find problems before they intensify. This way treatment is obtained quickly, possibly helping to keep the condition from getting worse. If maintaining your vision is not possible, our optometrist will help you select tools to help you see to the best of your ability. This includes magnifying glasses, light filtering lenses, closed-circuit television, or telescopic glasses. In addition to these visionary aids, non-optical aids like books with large text, high-contrast colored clocks, audiocassette books, or text-reading software will be useful to use in everyday life situations.

Contact Our Las Vegas Eye Doctors to Schedule Your Next Appointment

If you have further questions about Low Vision, call our optometry center to speak to our specialist. Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry is dedicated to helping patients solve vision problems quickly and efficiently. Call a Las Vegas practice near you to discuss eye care options available. Phone numbers are available on our website. An appointment can also be scheduled directly from our website as well.