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OPTOS Retinal Exam

OPTOS Retinal Exams at the Offices of Drs. Kopolow and Girisgen

Comprehensive eye exams typically include a look at the retina and other structures inside the eye to check for any potentially sight-stealing diseases or disorders. If you've always dreaded the prospect of having your pupils dilated so this view can be achieved, you'll be delighted to know that modern technology has an alternative option. Here at the optometry offices of Drs. Kopolow and Girisgen, we're proud to offer OPTOS retinal exams for our Las Vegas patients.

woman getting OPTOS retinal exam

The Importance of Retinal Imaging

One of the most important differences between a brief, non-medical vision tests (such as the kind you receive at the DMV) is retinal evaluation. Some of the most debilitating eye issues, including diabetic retinopathy, retinal injuries and macular degeneration, need to be detected and treated as early as possible to prevent significant (and permanent) vision loss. Unfortunately, we can see only a small percentage of eye's interior through the pupil under normal circumstances. That's why so many optometrists use special eye drops to dilate your pupils, allowing a much wider range of view. This procedure may ultimately be good for your eyes, but it's not exactly pleasant or convenient. The eye drops themselves can sting, while the dilation effect may last for quite some time after the exam, making it more difficult for you to drive home and resume everyday tasks. Small children may not stand for the procedure at all.

For people who hate or resist the dilation necessary for a comprehensive retinal exam, OPTOS comes to the rescue. This machine takes a 200-degree panoramic digital photograph (or "Optomap") of more than 80 percent of your retina's surface -- with no dilation needed! This detailed color photo not only reveals critical information about the internal state of your eyes; it also gives you a chance to see the same thing we see and discuss it with us. Better yet, we can easily share Optomap images with other eye doctors if necessary, while keeping a permanent archive of your images for future reference.

What to Expect From an OPTOS Exam

An OPTOS retinal exam couldn't be quicker or simpler. All you have to do is line up each eye with the machine's viewfinder. A bright flash of light and a few seconds later, your Optomap image has been taken. We can then show you the image and point out any issues that might need addressing through further evaluation or treatment. It's a totally painless process that kids and adults can both tolerate with the utmost ease -- while getting the detailed exam they need.

Learn More From Our Optometrists in Las Vegas

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