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How to Properly Clean Contact Lenses

Cleaning Your Contact Lenses Correctly Is Vital for Your Eye Health

At Kopolow & Girisgen Doctors of Optometry we prescribe contact lenses to patients every day with detailed instructions for care. Unfortunately, many people overlook some aspect of cleaning them. This can be dangerous because bacteria that collect on the lens can get in the eye and endanger your sight and even your overall health. We are your Las Vegas optometrist for all of your eye care needs including glasses and contact lens care.

Why Do Dirty Contact Lenses Pose a Health Risk?

The eyes, like the mouth and the nose, can be a gateway for infection into the body. In addition to this, if your eye becomes infected it may put your sight at risk. Your contacts can play host to harmful bacteria without showing any signs of being dirty. Some bacteria that can cause eye infection can live in clear lens solution and seemingly clean lenses. This is why you should treat contact lens cleaning and wearing as instructed by their directions.

How to Properly Clean Contact Lenses:

First, start with clean hands. You do not want to touch any part of the lens, your eyes, or the solution until your hands themselves are clean. Next, remember to always use fresh contact lens solution. This is a product that should never be recycled. Finally, use your contact lens for the time recommend on the packaging. If you have dailies then do not wear them for more than a day. If you have the type that you can wear them a week, do not wear them for two.

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