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Workplace Eye Wellness

Workplace Eye Wellness from Our Local Las Vegas Optometrist

Your eyes are an important part of your life. When you notice discomfort, strain, and problems with your vision, it may stem from your workplace and certain activities at work. By talking to an optometrist in Las Vegas about your symptoms, you address the underlying causes with proper workplace eye wellness strategies.

Woman's eyes are strained after working on her laptop.

Eye Health Risks at Work

The risks to your eyes at work ultimately depend on your work environment. In most workplaces, the risk stems from the computer and the constant strain to look at the screen of a digital device. Eye injuries are other risks that may exist in construction work, chemical management work or related fields. Taking preventative measures, like wearing eye protection or looking away from a computer screen every 20 minutes may help reduce the risks to your eyes.

Symptoms of Computer Vision in Las Vegas

When you work on a computer, you may develop symptoms of computer vision syndrome. The signs of digital eye strain or computer vision include:

  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Eye strain

You want to discuss the discomfort with an optometrist in Las Vegas when you notice the symptoms. We may recommend vision therapy or related treatments to help address the strain and encourage healthy vision.

When to Seek Treatment from a Las Vegas Eye Doctor

Our Las Vegas eye doctor can help reduce the symptoms of computer vision with proper treatment and eye care. Depending on your symptoms and situation, we may suggest vision therapy, eye drops and protective lenses for your eyes. Our treatments vary based on your situation and the risks to your eyes in the workplace.

As a general rule, you want to seek treatment when you notice problems with your eyes or when your eyes are injured. You also want an annual visit to keep up with changes in your vision that may contribute to eye strain.

Contact Our Optometrist in Las Vegas for More Information Today!

Keeping your eyes healthy at work depends on your situation and work environment. To learn more about protecting your eyes from digital eye strain or the symptoms of computer vision in Las Vegas, contact us at our LensCrafters Locations at (702) 341-7254 or (702) 452-2020 for our PearleVision Locations for an appointment today.


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