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Are Contact Lens Prescriptions and Glasses Prescriptions the Same?

What's the Difference Between a Contact Lens and Prescription Glasses?


If you are considering switching from glasses to contact lenses, you should know that contact lens and glasses prescriptions are not the same. In fact, the differences are quite significant because the contact lens sits directly on the eye, whereas the glasses lens is about 12 millimeters away from your eye. That is why you will need a contact lens exam instead of a regular eye exam when you visit your Las Vegas eye doctor for an appointment.

What Contact Lens Prescriptions from Your Las Vegas Optometrist Include:

Contact lens prescriptions include the lens power necessary to correct your vision, just like your glasses prescription. However, the power will not necessarily be the same. Also, the contact prescription will have a number of additional measurements and specifications, including:

  • Diameter - This is the diameter of the lens, and it helps ensure the lens fits your eye.
  • Base curve - This is the curve of the back surface of our lens so that it will properly fit your cornea.
  • Lens brand - The brand of contact lens is necessary to ensure you get the right type.
  • Lens material - If brand is not important, the material will be listed to ensure your contact lenses are appropriate to your way of using the lenses, such as whether you prefer an extended wear option or disposable lenses.
  • Expiration date - Your contact lens prescription will only be valid for about a year. It's vital that you visit the Las Vegas optometrist after that expiration so you can check to see if your eyes are healthy after wearing your lenses.

The optometrists at Drs. Kopolow and Girisgen want to help you keep your eyes as healthy as possible Please call us now at 702-341-7254 or 702-452-2020 talk to the Las Vegas Drs. Kopolow and Girisgen at our clinic to discuss your need for a contact lens prescription.