Common Eye Injuries and How to Respond

Common Eye Injuries and How to Respond

Common Eye Injuries and How to Respond

Eye injuries may seem rare—until you realize how alarmingly common they are. Every day, thousands of people sustain work-related eye injuries, many necessitating an emergency room trip. Some of these injuries result in time off work for the affected workers.

The signs of an eye injury may not always be immediately apparent. Sometimes, the severity of an injury, such as elevated eye pressure or detached retina, only becomes apparent when it reaches a critical stage.

Despite the frequency of these incidents, they often go unnoticed. Thus, one must educate oneself on common eye injuries and the best treatment methods. You do not want an injury to catch you off guard. It is best to stay informed and learn about the most common workplace eye injuries.


Corneal Abrasion

Corneal abrasions occur when something scratches the surface of the eye. This injury can cause discomfort, redness, light sensitivity, and a higher risk of infection. To avoid further damage, use a protective shield or loosely tape a paper cup over the affected eye. You should then seek medical attention promptly. You can treat minor abrasions with antibacterial eye drops.


Eye Trauma

Eye trauma is a frequent eye injury worldwide, primarily from physical or sports altercations. Resulting from a direct blow to the eye, eye trauma can cause bleeding, severe pain, and limited eye movement. Initial treatment for eye trauma should involve an ice pack placed on the affected area. That done, it is crucial to follow up with a doctor to ensure no further damage occurs.


Traumatic Iritis

The iris is the colored portion of the eye. It is in charge of regulating the amount of light entering the eye. A traumatic blow, such as from a punch or hurtling ball, can lead to an inflamed iris. This condition, known as traumatic iritis, can lead to vision loss and even glaucoma if left untreated. It is best to seek professional medical treatment to address this type of injury. Treatment may include prescription medication in the form of eye drops or pills.


Chemical Burns

Chemical substances can pose a severe threat to your eyes due to the presence of acidic and alkaline components. Acids can cause burning and redness, while alkalis can harm the eye's exterior and interior structures.

Chemical eye injuries often occur from splashes or rubbing of chemicals. Spraying harmful substances near the eyes can also lead to damage. Treatment depends on the severity of the chemical. It can range from running water for mild substances to immediate medical attention for dangerous chemicals.


Eye Bleeding

Eye bleeding, or subconjunctival hemorrhage, occurs when blood vessels in the white part of the eye rupture. The appearance of blood in the eye does not necessarily indicate its cause or severity. Thus, it is best to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Often, it is difficult to determine the cause of the bleeding, but it may resolve independently within a few weeks. It is a painless condition.



The consequences of eye injury, including vision loss or blindness, can be devastating. That is why it is crucial to seek a medical examination from an eye doctor as soon as possible. You should do so even if the injury appears minor. Self-treatment is never a good idea for severe eye injuries.

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