Signs That Your Child Has Myopia

Signs That Your Child Has Myopia

Signs That Your Child Has Myopia

Millions of children have myopia, an eye disorder that causes nearsightedness. It means your child can see things up close but not far away. It can make it hard for your child to learn, play, and enjoy life. How can you tell if your little one suffers from myopia? Here are some signs to watch for.


Blurry Vision 


One of the primary signs of myopia in children is blurry vision. Nearsightedness may be its cause if your child often has trouble seeing faraway objects clearly. You may notice them struggling to see things like the whiteboard at school or street signs while walking or driving. If you observe these behaviors consistently, schedule an eye examination for your child.


Squinting or Closing One Eye


Your child may do this when watching TV, reading a book, or looking at the board in class. Your child may squint or close one eye to see distant objects better, but this can also hurt their eyes and give them headaches.


Holding Objects Too Close to the Face


Your child may hold things close to their face when they read, write, draw, or play with toys. Doing so may help your kid see them better but also worsen their vision and cause eye fatigue.


Complaining of Blurry Vision or Headaches


If your child has myopia, they may often complain of blurry vision or headaches. They may say they cannot see the board clearly. They may also complain that their eyes hurt after reading or using a computer. Blurry vision and headaches can affect your child's mood, concentration, and performance at school and home.


Frequent Eye Rubbing 


Children with myopia have eyestrain and fatigue often as their eyes keep trying to focus on faraway objects. This strain can lead to frequent eye rubbing. Myopia may be why your child often rubs their eyes or feels discomfort, especially after doing things that need visual focus. 


Avoiding Activities That Require Distance Vision


Your child may also avoid activities that require distance vision if they have myopia. They may avoid playing sports, going outside, or watching movies. They may prefer staying indoors and doing close-up activities, like reading or playing video games. Avoiding activities that require distance vision can limit your child's social and physical development.


Difficulty Seeing Clearly in School


Myopia can also impact a child's academic performance. Myopia may be the cause if your child struggles to see the whiteboard, read from afar, or join activities that need visual sharpness. They might have trouble following the class or have to move closer to see the board. This visual challenge can hinder their learning and overall school experience. 


Family History of Myopia


Your child may have a higher chance of getting myopia if you or your partner have it. Myopia can run in families, so family history is a factor in your child's vision. If your family has myopia, observe your child's eyesight and take them to regular eye exams to spot any signs of nearsightedness early.


How to Help Your Child With Myopia


You should bring your child to an eye doctor right away if you see any of these signs in them. An eye doctor can diagnose myopia and prescribe glasses or contact lenses to correct your child's vision. Corrective eyewear can help your child see better and prevent their myopia from worsening.




Myopia is a common and treatable eye problem that affects many children. Knowing the signs of myopia and taking your child to an eye doctor regularly can help your child have a clear and bright future.

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